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  Concrete Laboratory :  

The Concrete Laboratory provide support in Investigating the properties and performance of Portland Cement Concrete and its component materials (Cement, Aggregate, Admixtures etc.); Evaluating and Developing new or improved equipment and procedures for assessing properties and performance of PCC, and practices for materials selection, mixture proportioning, and construction of PCC; mixing, casting and testing of PCC test specimens in support of other researchers at various organizations.
The investment made in equipment and training in the Concrete Laboratories gives the lab the ability to evaluate properties of concrete from materials selection, mixture design, and plastic properties related to placement, and long term durability. The holistic approach from materials to long – term durability becomes more important as the demands for a more durable, longer service life concrete have become the standard.
The lab has the capabilities to perform concrete materials research ranging from the micro scale to the macro scale, from materials characterization to materials distress mitigation.
Concrete Laboratory consists of several laboratories that are equipped with standard laboratory equipment, as well as specialized equipment for concrete testing. The laboratories function as a unit to provide facilities for research on PCC and its constituent materials.
The Aggregate and Sample Preparation Laboratory provides facilities for the preparation of hardened cement paste, mortar or concrete specimens for testing and analysis.
The Concrete Curing / Maturity Laboratory provides facilities for curing of concrete specimens under standard or other controlled conditions and assessment of curing – related properties, such as degree of hydration, maturity, and shrinkage.
The Concrete Durability Laboratory provides facilities for investigating the effects of chemical and environmental exposure on concrete.
The Mechanical Properties Laboratory provides facilities for testing the mechanical properties of concrete, steel and composites.
The Plastic Concrete Laboratory provides facilities for batching and mixing cement paste, mortar and concrete; and for performing tests on fresh (plastic) cement paste, mortar and concrete.
The Petrographic Laboratory provides facilities for preparing for and conducting petrographic and microspopic investigations of aggregate, PCC and asphalt concrete.

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