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  Geotechnical Investigation :  

Life of Any civil engineering project when a systematic and comprehensive procedure of of determining the engineering characteristics of subsoil layer is carried out . Field and laboratory tests are necessary to decide upon the appropriate formulation system for the proposed structure based on the strength and settlement . In geotech investigation involves complete soil investigation for various type of structure i.e multistoried, highways, bridges or any other structure using borehole sampling technique i.e. SPT . The drilling of boreholes is done by shell and auger method and mechanized boring method upto 60 mts for collection of sample required for tests of various physical characteristics. The fields tests includes standard penetration tests ( SPT) , field vane shear test using disturbed and undisturbed samples. The laboratory testing is conducted for characteristics and estimation of various engineering properties of sub soil layers i.e. strength parameters, consolidation properties, atterberg limits , strength parameters, swell index , grain size analysis and chemical properties . It also includes design and excavation of pile foundation and conducting pile load tests . 

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